WEDDING WEBSITES... Write With Rosie: Special Edition (Part 6)

website via Wedding Wire

website via Wedding Wire


I'm not sure when having an elaborate wedding website became such a big deal. 


I've seen a ton of sites with first date stories, proposal stories, bridesmaid stories, pictures, clippings, memorabilia, and on and on. I mean, it's great if you have the time to do that sort of thing, but all you really need are the details laid out in a clear, concise way.


Of all the wedding details you need to take care of, this is not one you should spend too much time worrying about.


I decided to create our wedding website on Wedding Wire because I didn't like the way websites on The Knot are so easily searchable. (C'mon, admit it. You've totally stalked couples whose weddings you weren't invited to, amiright?!) On Wedding Wire, nobody could search for our site unless they knew the URL. Squarespace is now promoting its wedding websites, and while I love Squarespace (my website is on it right now!), it's not as dummy-proof as the other two. 


The site that I created was fairly bare bones, but I thought it would be helpful to have all the dates and times and locations in the same place. The one thing I spent more time on was making sure the out-of-towners knew the lay of the land and had options for things to do and places to eat while not at wedding activities.


I thought was really helpful was to purchase a domain name for the site. So instead of a website name like that’s difficult for people to remember and bulky to add to save the dates, invitations, etc., I went to and purchased a simple domain name for $10 so people would only have to type It gets a little tricky to come up with a creative domain name that is available, so we ended up using a “.info” instead of a “.com.”


If you decide to create a wedding website, you should include:


Dates of wedding activities

Times of wedding activities

Locations of wedding activities

Hotel info, website, & phone number

Travel info

Registry links


One last thing that I did was that I created a gmail account specifically for the wedding so that guests with questions or well wishes could contact both of us at once. Plus, it felt sort of festive to have a wedding email account! I added that to the website and called it a day.


For website decorations, there were two pictures of us--one the night we got engaged and one of the two of us on the Game of Thrones throne. That's it. I kept it simple and clean. The website wasn't elaborate or showy. It didn't include any stories about us or announce our bridal party. I mean, it's great if you want to do all those things and have the time to do them, but if you're overwhelmed (as most brides are), don't waste a ton of time and energy on your website. 


Because then you can waste all your time and energy on your invitations! Muahahahaha! More on that next time...



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