LET'S GET CRAFTY... Write With Rosie: Wedding Edition (Part 9)


A Pinterest-y wedding wouldn't be complete without a few crafts! Here are a few of the projects I tried that were WAY easier than they looked...


Window Art

write with rosie


You guys, I seriously cannot believe how insanely easy this was to do and how amazing it looked afterward.


I started out with an old window my grandfather was getting rid of (but you can easily find stuff like this at thrift shops and garage sales) and a chalk marker from Michaels like this.




Here’s how I did it.


1.    I printed my wedding logo from Word by clicking the “poster size” option on the print screen.

2.    I pieced the four sheets of paper together and taped them to the back of the window. Honestly, I wasn’t even that careful when I did it. It was the night before the rehearsal dinner and I had no time to waste.

3.    I used the chalk marker to trace the design on the outside of the window. Again, I was not paying attention to detail and it still looked awesome.

4.    I removed the pieces of paper from the back and the window was ready to go!


This entire process took me ten minutes. No joke.



Chalkboard Word Search Pumpkins



My parents thought I was absolutely crazy when I decided to create centerpieces for our rehearsal dinner. And in retrospect, it wasn’t really necessary. But I really, really loved them.


I followed this basic tutorial to create these pumpkins. Here’s an even shorter version of the steps:


1.    Purchase real pumpkins. They’ll keep for weeks—especially if you store them in a cool place.

2.    Paint them with chalkboard paint. They may need more than one coat.

3.    Select six to ten words per pumpkin. I was planning on using the names of the people sitting at the table, but when we abandoned our assigned seating, I switched to themes, like places we’ve lived, college-related words, words related to our proposal story, etc.

4.    Using a chalk marker (or regular piece of chalk), write the letters for each word on the pumpkin. You can map them out in advance, but I was in too much of a rush and figured it out as I went along. Be careful—it’s not as easy to erase as it is on a regular chalkboard.

5.    Fill in the rest of the grid with nonsense letters. (This part was actually harder than I thought!)

6.    Create accompanying cards with the search words highlighted. I made this in PicMonkey and put them in IKEA frames.

7.    Add some chalk in jelly jars and let the word searching begin!



Football Escort Cards


I would have had a really hard time putting these escort cards together without the help of my super talented graphic designing cousin Jessica. If you are in need of graphic design, contact her here.


I used a football as our ringbearer’s pillow and I knew that I wanted to weave football in somewhere in the reception, so I focused on the escort cards.



I wanted to get authentic, so I purchased two team sets of football trading cards from eBay: Bills (for my half of the guest list) and Eagles (for his half). It took a little searching to find complementary team sets from the same year, but when we did, they were less than $20 per team.


While I was waiting for the cards to arrive, I discussed a possible design with my cousin and she got to work. When the cards arrived, I scanned eight players per team and sent them to Jessica. She added them to the design and laid out four cards per sheet of paper in a regular Word doc. Once she sent the doc to me, I filled in the names, table numbers, and meal choices (indicated by stars). I had printed the pages at home on double-sided cardstock from Michaels (on sale for $4 total). And then I cut out each card individually with this paper trimmer, also from Michaels for $20:


This project did have quite a bit of sweat equity involved, but it cost next to nothing, and it gave people who might not have known each other that well something to chat about at cocktail hour!


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