Details, Details, Details


I'm obsessed with details. I just can't get enough. In fact, I had potentially TOO MANY. But for me, specific details make everything personal and special. One-of-a-kind.


Hopefully seeing my wedding details here will start the wheels churning for you and your big day. I will include links where applicable, and as always, feel free to write to me at with any questions!

(Don't worry--I'm not trying to sell you a thing. I just like being helpful!)



You can fancy up your invitations with a little bit of baker's twine. Click here for more info on invitations and paper goods. 


Your gorgeous bouquet can become even more special with family treasures. I had my grandmother's rosary and lace from her veil included in the wrap.

Thank you to Hopper Hills for the flowers of my dreams!!!


I was lucky enough to wear my mother's veil. It was VERY 70s, and actually, it was the veil I started out by saying I DIDN'T want--a huge, voluminous, dragging-on-the-floor, Sound of Music veil. But as the wedding dress search continued, and I ultimately chose a dress that happened to have the same lace as the veil, I couldn't imagine NOT wearing it. And I loved every second.

Veils are a fairly easy thing to share, so if you have a close friend, relative, sister, cousin with a veil, consider borrowing instead of buying. The wonderful woman who altered my wedding dress was able to take a bit of the volume down and make it look a little more modern. Think outside the box when it comes to your veil. 


Fun Fact: Semi-comfortable high heels actually exist! I mean, no shoe will be comfy after a whole day on your feet (and to be completely honest, my toes were numb for 48 hours after), but Badgley Mischka is a shockingly comfortable option. And yes, I bought gold shoes instead of white because I totally plan to wear them again.

Don't forget to check the sales at Nordstrom, Macy's, DSW, and Zappos!


I wanted to buy lipstick that I would have with me all day, so I marched into Sephora and told the salesperson that I needed wedding lipstick with staying power and I didn't want to spend all day looking for it. He said, "Now look, I don't want to waste your time. I could show you all the options, but whenever I do that with brides, they always end up with the one I'm going to show you right now." He showed it to me. I loved it. I bought it. And yes, I was HORRIFIED by the price, but I loved the fact that the tube has a little mirror attached so I could touch up anywhere. As you see here, it definitely came in handy when held by my brilliant Matron of Honor. Thank you, Sephora! Thank you, salesperson! Thank you, Rouge G de Guerlain le Brillant Jewel Lipstick Compact in Bianca!


Wedding programs: Created in Pages, tied with baker's twine, and housed in my grandfather's wooden toolbox.



We used sheet music (for me) and newspaper (for him) in many places: paper flowers, table numbers, and boutonnieres! 

Note: The paper roses didn't cost much...except hours and hours of my sweet mother's free time. A great wedding freebie, but definitely labor intensive. Here's the tutorial.


We got married during football season, so our adorable ring bearer carried our (fake) rings down the aisle attached to this vintage football.


There's no reason you have to have a traditional OR modern OR fun OR whimsical wedding. Why not have all of the above?! Here's our ring bearer's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear.

Did it coordinate in any way with the rest of the wedding? No.

Did he and everyone else love it? YES!


I really wanted to have a fun guest book instead of a stuffy traditional one. So I dug our family Monopoly board out of the attic, and created this sign using PicMonkey and Kabel (Monopoly) font.


I will admit it. I am a straw-a-holic. I had these on the bar for cocktail hour. Glass milk bottle is from Michaels. Straws are by Sprinkled Joy.


And of course I needed personalized napkins for cocktail hour. I had four different sayings, all purchased from ForYourParty.

Honestly, by the time it came to order napkins, I was pretty detailed out, so I almost didn't do it. I'm so glad I did because it gave people who didn't know each other that well something to chat about at the beginning of the night. Thanks to my sister for the awesome idea!


In that same vein, we created football escort cards tucked into the folded pages of these big books. For more info on how my talented cousin helped bring this vision to life, click here

As for the books, literally all we did was fold the pages inward. We did it in an hour while watching Say Yes to the Dress. So easy!


We had a couple of centerpieces in rotation that included: 

  • Willow branches, cranberry branches, and shredded newspaper in tall vases
  • Mercury glass goblets filled with flowers
  • Painted gold vases filled with flowers
  • Stacks of books with leftover library card Save the Dates
  • Shallow glass boats with cranberries and votives
  • And lots and lots and lots of candles


Menus are a great place to add brief personal details!

I created these in Pages and Word.


Anyone who knows me can tell you that I became OBSESSED with tiny cakes. I was DETERMINED TO HAVE THEM. They just seemed so sweet and dainty and fun and modern. The five tiny cakes are my very favorite Ultimate Cakes from Wegmans. Wegmans added the berries, the florist added the flowers, and TJ Maxx added the cake stands. 



And of course we couldn't just have ONE dessert--we had a whole table full of cookies and pastries and...(drumroll, please)...INDIVIDUAL GRAPE PIES!


Did I mention that we ended the night with bowling? ;)



And this brings us to the end of our Wedding Edition. Hooray!


Again, I know how overwhelming this process can be, and I would be THRILLED to give you any additional info about anything I've posted. 


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