The Semi-Crafty, Mostly-Traditional, Budget-Conscious, OCD, Pinterest-y, Perfectionist Guide to Planning a Wedding

Write With Rosie: Wedding Edition (Part 1)

Think it's a bit strange for a writing coach to be writing about wedding planning?

I do, too!

Take a peek at this video to see why, and continue reading below!



If you're reading this, you're probably engaged, so this is the best time of your life!




Wrong. (Sort of.)


Now, don't misunderstand me. I couldn't be happier about getting married and sharing my life with an awesome guy. But planning a wedding is a whole different story. And I'm someone who LOVES to plan. I love to plan absolutely everything and anything. In fact, I planned that my wedding planning process would be entirely low-key and non-Bridezilla-y. I never understood it when I saw girls get all wound up about which napkin color to choose. Until it was my turn. And I got all wound up about which napkin color to choose. Who knew?


I built up a tremendous amount of wedding know-how in the last nine months, and I'm absolutely dying to pass that know-how on to the brides who can really use it. So if you're a semi-crafty, OCD, Pinterest-y perfectionist, this one's for you!


What does that mean exactly? Well, you should keep reading if you:


*Are a visual person

*Are suffering from wedding overwhelm

*Like to do crafts that don't require a whole lot of actual artistic ability

*Love trolling Pinterest

*Are on a budget

*Want your wedding to have special details that make it very personal and specific to you

*Wish you knew someone who would give you an honest take on what to expect when you're expected to plan a wedding


And here we go....!


You're Engaged! Now What?


Oh, so you got engaged last night? Amazing! 

That's SO exciting! 

When's the big day? Oh, you don't have one yet? Really? 

Will it be a big wedding or a small wedding?

Where are you guys gonna live? You really don't know? Really?

Have you picked a honeymoon spot? Seriously? That's the first thing I'd do!

How many kids will you have? What will you name them?


These were the exact questions I was asked within 48 hours of getting engaged. They were often asked with kindness, but still. It was so overwhelming that I didn't know what to do with myself. 


When bombarded with questions, respond to each of them with a smile and, "We're still figuring things out." 


Then make no plans or decisions for at least two weeks while you stare at that gorgeous ring on your finger. (And yes, it is perfectly appropriate to take breaks from work to hide in a bathroom stall and stare at it.)


Wondering what else my Wedding Edition has in store for you? Here's some wedding goodness to come:

  • Dealing with venues and guest lists
  • Finding a dress (for you and your bridesmaids!)
  • Setting up a wedding website
  • Tackling traditions
  • Invitations, fonts, and all sorts of design tricks
  • Wedding FREEBIES!
  • Simple crafts that make a big impact

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Next up: Why Pinterest, Google, & Etsy are a bride's best friends!

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