This one word tells me you haven't edited your writing enough...

I was planning to give you a writing tip this week, but as it turns out, Dead Poets Society already took care of it for me:


Can you guess which word means that you haven’t edited your writing enough?


In case the “wooing women” portion of the quote is throwing you off, I’ll answer for you.




Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the word “very.” I use it all the time.


Have a very merry Christmas!

Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome!


But when you are writing a blog or an essay with a limited word count, every word is vital to your story, and “very” just doesn’t cut it. Why? Because there are so many more interesting words out there.


The music isn’t very loud. It’s deafening.

The hot air balloon isn’t very big. It’s enormous.

The cross-country drive isn’t very long. It’s endless.


Don’t those second sentences give you a much better idea of what’s actually happening? Occasionally, you do want to use “very.” But make sure you’re using it intentionally and not because you’d rather watch pre-season football than think of a better word.


So when you are editing your writing, give it a quick [control + F] and take a look at your use of “very.” Are there any more interesting, specific, or descriptive words you can use instead?


If so, your audience won’t just be very happy to read your writing. Your audience will be ecstatic




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